Aluminum vs Steel Floor Jack – Which one You Should Choose

Looking for the best floor jack but can’t decide whether you should buy an aluminum floor jack or steel? If so, you’ve reached the right place. This post explains aluminum vs steel floor jack. 

Let’s get started with the comparison.

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best steel floor jack
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What is the Best Aluminum Floor Jack?

Arcan A20018/ALJ3T is the best aluminum floor jack that features a 3-ton load capacity. This means you can lift up to 6000 lb with it whether it is your car, SUV, or truck. The aluminum floor jack can easily get under a 3.75 inches clearance. If you have a sports car with less than 3.75 inches of ride height, you should not go for this model.

Speaking of the inches, this jack can be extended to 18 inches, which leaves more than enough space under the car for making any repair, maintenance, or creeping under it. Besides the aluminum body which makes it lighter than other steel jacks, this jack comes with side handles that help with maneuverability and positioning.

You can easily carry the model from one place to another using these handles. The jack is just 56 pounds, and won’t be that hard carrying it. After all, it is the aluminum structure that makes it light and compact.

With that, Arcan A20018/ALJ3T has a quick rise mechanism thanks to its dual-piston pump. You can quickly raise your vehicle with this jack. It has gathered lots of positive ratings and reviews online, which you should skim through at least. Click the button below for doing so. 

What is the Best Steel Floor Jack?

Blackhawk B6350 is one of the best steel floor jacks that are available online. Compared to the aluminum jack, this steel jack has a 7000 lb load capacity and can lift most trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, let alone SUVs and cars.

This steel floor jack is heavier than the aluminum jack and weighs around 85 pounds. It makes the jack a bit harder for carrying from one place to another. However, you won’t need that as it has four wheels that help with maneuverability.

Grab the pumping handle and pull it to the place you want to use it or store it. Its back two swivel wheels give 360 degrees rotation. The Blackhawk B6350 floor jack does not feature a dual-piston pump, which lifts load slower than a dual piston pump. It needs a few more strokes for raising your vehicle. 

The jack’s single-piston pump and the steel body save more bucks than you would expect. You can find out its price tag and ratings by hitting the button below.

Is an Aluminum floor jack more expensive than a steel floor jack?

Yes, an aluminum floor jack is more expensive than a steel floor jack. If the aluminum jack has a dual-piston pump that lifts load quicker, then it is even more expensive as you would have checked out from the comparison of the two products above.

However, spending some extra dollars on an aluminum jack is worth the expenditure since buying a floor jack is not a regular purchase. Getting one sturdy floor jack is enough for years. So having a lightweight jack is better than a heavy model that is not handy carrying.  

Is a Steel floor jack heavier than an Aluminum floor jack?

Yes, a steel floor jack is heavier than an aluminum floor jack. Some steel jacks even weigh double the weight of an aluminum floor jack. You would have noticed from the comparison above that the aluminum floor jack was way lighter than the steel jack. 

Aluminum floor jacks weigh around 50 pounds while steel floor jacks are 100 pounds. Both jacks come with wheels and can easily roll over the floor. So if you want a steel jack since it saves a few bucks as well, it can be moved around without picking it up. 

Which one should you buy, an Aluminum or Steel floor jack?

This depends. If you have some extra bucks, you should go for an aluminum model. Besides being lightweight, they are overall great floor jacks and mostly come with dual piston pumps. 

If you don’t care about the weight because you won’t be lifting them, you can go for a steel jack. You can find a dual piston pump in a steel floor jack. At the end of the day what matters is the lifting, not the product’s weight. And the aluminum and steel bodies only differ in weight, not in other features. 

How much does an aluminum floor jack weigh?

The definite weight for an aluminum floor jack cannot be stated. It’s due to the difference of one-floor jack’s brand from the other. One thing for sure is that they really are lightweight and easier to transport.

On average, a 2-ton aluminum car jack weighs around 55-60 pounds. This weight increases with the lift capacity of the jack stand. For instance, a 3-ton car jack weighs approximately 65-70 pounds. 

Also, it depends on the pump system as well. A dual-piston aluminum floor jack weighs more than a single-piston floor jack. 


This was a quick comparison between an aluminum and a steel floor jack. From the discussion above, it will be cleared before you which product you should purchase and which not. If you still need a hand, aluminum floor jacks would be better than steel. Saving a few bucks won’t be that big an achievement, but buying a lightweight jack is better for easy maneuverability and positioning as well. 

You can further explore these two floor jacks by clicking the buttons below. 

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