3 Best Trolley Jacks for 4×4 [with rapid-rise pump]

Looking for the best trolley jack for 4×4? If so, this article has brought the top trolley jacks for your 4×4 vehicle.

Trolley jacks deliver a great performance when it comes to lifting a 4×4. They’re lighter than floor jacks yet they have the same lifting potential. They’re also low on budget.

This is a complete review of trolley jacks for 4-wheel drive cars.

So let’s first check out the comparison table of the products.

Sunex NOS

  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 3.75 – 18.1″ lift range
  • 58 lb item weight
  • Dual piston aluminum jack


  • 6000 lb load capacity
  • 5.9 – 21″ lift range
  • 45.8 lb item weight
  • Single piston pump


  • 3000 lb load capacity
  • 5.15 – 12″ lift range
  • 18 lb jack weight
  • Single piston pump

Performance Tool W1614

  • 4000 lb load capacity
  • 5.25 – 15.5″ lift range
  • 25.6 lb jack weight
  • Single piston pump
Product Sunex NOS
3 ton (6,000 lb) 3 ton (6,000 lb) 1.5 ton (3,000 lb)
3.75" (9.5 cm) 5.9" (14.9 cm) 5.15" (13.3 cm)
18.13" (46 cm) 21" (43 cm) 12" (30 cm)
Weight 58 lb (26.3 kg) 45.8 lb (20.7 kg) 18 lb (8 kg)
Pump Dual-piston Single-piston Single-piston
Material Aluminum Steel Steel
Size 28.7 x 13 x 6.6 - 18 x 8.9 x 6.3 inch

Best Trolley Jack for 4x4 - The BIG RED T83006


  • Comes with an extra-long saddle for high clearance 4×4 vehicles
  • 3-ton lifting capacity helps you easily raise your truck
  • 21 inches max lift height easily reaches jack points
  • Best for trucks, SUVs, cars, and vans


  • Not feature a rapid rise pump mechanism
  • Comes with a small single-piece handle

Check out the top of the list, the Big Red trolley jack. It can lift a 3-ton (6,000 lb) load at once. If your 4×4 vehicle has a ground clearance of 6+ inches (15 cm), which most 4x4s have, this jack is made for it. Because you can slide this model under a height of 5.9” (14.9 cm).

For most buyers, a jack’s maximum height range matters the most. And it’s true because this feature gives you access to more space under your car. Luckily, this trolley jack has got your back in that case. It can raise your 4×4 car 21” (53 cm) off the ground, providing more space underneath it.

Still here? Then let’s explore the model’s weight and mobility. This product weighs 45.8 lb (20.7 kg), lighter than most floor jacks. Rolling it around becomes easier with two rear 360-degree casters. It also has two front steel wheels that help with maneuverability.

Another unique feature is the jack’s saddle neck. It has a 5.9” (15 cm) removable neck, perfect for high clearance vehicles. You can replace it with a shorter saddle, made for lowered cars. The saddle’s top surface diameter that touches the jack point is 1.94” (5 cm), which is smaller yet effective.

With all these features, this model comes with a single-piston pump. It means that the jack’s pumping speed is slower than double-piston floor jacks, the next jack on the list. It’s common because most trolley jacks have single-piston pumps, and only floor jacks have double-piston pumps.

The jack lowers faster when you release the valve, which some users say is not that good. Every jack comes down faster because of the heavy weight on them. Above all, this jack also has a one-year warranty. So why not take a look at its other features online? If so, click the yellow button below.

Best Trolley Jack for 4x4 - BIG RED Video

NOS NSJ0301 Aluminum Trolley Jack


  • Features dual piston pump for rapid lifting.
  • The aluminum structure makes the jack lightweight
  • Side handles help with positioning under a jack point
  • 6000 lb load capacity allows you to lift most 4×4 trucks.
  • Comes with a big circular saddle for secure lifting


  • Costs more compared to other trolley jacks on the list
  • Has a big size that takes more room

Introducing the beautiful Sunex floor jack, featuring an aluminum body that weighs only 58 pounds. Other floor jacks usually weigh around 100 pounds. This is one of the best lightweight floor jacks for 4×4 trucks.

With its versatile lift range, this jack allows you to raise your vehicle almost 18 inches off the ground. The one-and-a-half feet of space beneath your truck are more than enough for any repair or maintenance, including changing a flat tire.

The model has a long handle that comes in two pieces for easy storage. The lower part of the handle is foam-padded for your car’s safety.

Many floor jacks have a single-piston pump that takes more time and effort to lift trucks. However, this model is not one of them. It has a double-piston pump that raises loads much faster than single-piston jacks.

The two handles on each side of the jack are useful for positioning it under a jack point. This jack can also be carried using these handles.

You can learn more about this jack, including its price, reviews, and features, by clicking the yellow button below.

Performance Tool W1614 Trolley Jack for 4x4


  • Features carrying handle 
  • Swivel rear casters help with 360-degree mobility
  • The jack allows you to lift up to 4000 lb load
  • Versatile lift range from 13 – 39 cm


  • Not as sturdy jack as the NOS Aluminum floor jack

Moving forward, we have another trolley jack that’s designed for 4×4 vehicles – the Performance Tool W1614 trolley jack. It’s lighter than the jacks mentioned above, weighing only 25.6 lb (11.6 kg). Such a lightweight trolley jack is perfect for keeping in your trunk as it won’t take up much space, with a volume of 22 x 6 x 9 inches.

Additionally, it has a 2-ton load capacity, easily lifting 4,000 lb weight with just a few pumps. The model’s maximum height is also lower than the previously mentioned jacks, with a 15.50″ (40 cm) max lift range, which still provides enough space under your 4×4 vehicle to perform mechanic work or change a flat tire.

The jack has an original height of 5.25″ (13.3 cm), making it easy to position it under your 4×4’s jack point with its swivel casters. Carrying the jack around is effortless because of its two features: it weighs only 25.6 pounds and has a carrying handle at the top, making it feel like carrying a bucket.

For storage purposes, it has a removable handle which is a plus point. It has a one-inch saddle diameter, and although a 2″ diameter would be better, this saddle is still capable of safely lifting your 4×4. It meets ASME-PALD 2005 standard.

Click the yellow button below for more information.

Pro-Lift F-2315PE Trolley Jack


  • Comes with a bold molded case for easy storage
  • Also features a carrying handle
  • Lightweight floor jack


  • Low max lift height
  • Low load capacity

Our last stop is with the Pro-Lift trolley jack. The model’s welded construction makes it rust-resistant. It has a 3,000 lb (1.5 ton) lifting power. Wondering how this jack will lift a 4×4? Well, you’re not going to lift all of your vehicle at once. You’ll need to raise one corner if it’s a flat tire. If not, you’ll be raising each corner and placing a jack stand under every corner. This way, you can lift your entire 4×4 with this model.

It has a one-foot (12”) maximum lift range, providing enough space for your job. You can place this model under your vehicle with as low ground clearance as 5.25” (13 cm). If your 4×4 has more than one foot ground clearance, then don’t choose this trolley jack because you can’t lift a vehicle that’s over 12 inches higher with such a lifting range. Opt for the first or second jack in the review since they have a higher lift range.

Additionally, this jack comes with a bold molded case that helps with storage, and it has the lowest weight on the list – 18 lb (8 kg). The jack’s dimensions are 17.91 x 8.86 x 6.3 inches. Since it has a small pumping handle, it would be better if the handle was twice its present length. This sturdy jack also has a carrying handle. You can check out what other users say about this trolley jack by clicking the yellow button below.

How Do You Choose A Trolley Jack?

Trolley jacks have certain features that should be cross-checked with the vehicle you intend to use them for. By ensuring compatibility, you can choose the perfect jack that meets your needs. Below are the key features of hydraulic jacks.

Load Capacity

This aspect of a jack shows how much weight it can lift, which is typically expressed in terms of tons. When selecting a trolley jack, it is important to consider the weight of the vehicle or load you intend to lift. For example, if your vehicle weighs 2 tons (4000 lb), you should choose a 2-ton jack. Similarly, if the weight is 3 tons, then a 3-ton jack would be more suitable. Choosing the right capacity ensures that the jack is able to safely lift the weight without being overloaded.


It is the collapsed height of a floor jack. If you have a low-profile car, you should check this feature before the load capacity. Low-profile vehicles have low clearance, and most floor jacks do not fit under them.

If your car has less than 4 inches clearance, you should choose a jack that has a min-height lower than 4 inches. For non-low-profile cars, you can pick any floor jack as they have higher clearance and most jacks can get under them.

Max-height of a Trolley Jack

This is the extended height of a trolley jack. It should be double-checked if you have a lifted vehicle. This feature tells you how high you can lift your car with the jack. If you have a normal clearance car that is not lifted, you can pick either model as most jacks have enough maximum height that easily allows you to change a flat tire or do any repair.

For lifted trucks with say, 20 inches of clearance, you should look for a jack with a 20+ inches maximum lift height. This factor should be checked with a jack stand as well. A trolley jack should give you enough clearance so you can safely install a jack stand.

Overall, this is a short yet complete buying guide for choosing a trolley jack.

What is the best 4x4 jack?

The NOS NSJ0301 from Sunex Tools is one of the best jacks for 4×4 vehicles. It has a load capacity of 6000 lbs, which makes it capable of easily lifting 4×4 trucks. This jack features a rapid-rise pump, which allows you to quickly and efficiently raise your vehicle off the ground.

Where do you put a jack on a 4x4?

Most 4×4 and other trucks have jack points near each wheel. The pinch weld also has jack points. If your 4×4 is body-on-frame, then you can put a jack on the frame too as it is strong enough to lift the truck. Consult the instruction manual for the factory-made jack points.

Last Words:

You have reviewed the best trolley jacks available online for 4×4 vehicles, and all the models have similar features. Choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

At the top of the list is the NOS NSJ0301 floor jack, which has a higher lift range and a 3-ton load capacity. If you are having trouble selecting the right jack from the list, the NOS NSJ0301 is an ideal choice for your 4×4 vehicle, as it meets all your car’s requirements. Take another look at it below if you haven’t already.

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