3 Best Car Jacks for Subaru Forester [New Review]

So you’ve got a Subaru Forester and want a car jack for it. Well, this article has the best car jacks for Subaru forester that you can find online.

So let’s go through the comparison table of the products first. 

The Comparison Table of the Products

Product BIG RED
Floor Jack
3 ton (6,000 lb) 3 ton (6,000 lb) 1.75 ton (3,500 lb)
Weight 43.2 lb (19.6 kg) 71.6 lb (33 kg) 40 lb (18 kg)
Min. Lift
5.9" (15 cm) 3" (7.6 cm) 3.5" (8.9 cm)
Max Lift
20.9" (53 cm) 20" (50.8 cm) 16.5" (41.9 cm)
Pump Single-piston Dual-piston Dual-piston
No No Yes
Size (")
L x W x H
24.9 x 9.5 x 5.9 31 x 15 x 6.5 22.44 x 11.14 x 9.06
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BIG RED T83006 Best Trolley Car Jack for Subaru Forester

Big Red is the top brand in the car jack industry. This trolley jack has a 6,000 lb lifting power, more than your forester’s weight. It can easily lift your Subaru forester. For secure raising, you should get a car jack that has more load capacity than your vehicle’s weight.

Speaking of raising, this car jack can lift your forester to 21” above the ground. You’ll have an almost 53 cm space beneath your forester if you extend the jack to its max height. That’s enough space for doing any repair in your car.

best car jack for Subaru Forester
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Since the forester has around 8.7” clearance, there won’t be any issue placing the trolley jack under its jack point. It has a 5.9” min-height. The jack also comes with a 9.25” long neck saddle which you don’t need for a Forester. Because then you’ll have problems installing it under an 8.7” clearance. The high neck saddle is used for lifted vehicles, not for your forester.

But having such a trolley jack is a plus point. You may need it for other purposes that have a higher jack point. This car jack has a single-piston pump and a short handle – you can check out the next product for the opposite features.

The single-piston pump lifts slower compared to the double-piston. It raises with a normal speed. That’s why this trolley jack is cheaper than the dual piston floor jack, the next one. This jack is fit for your forester and it does the job if you have a low budget. You can see its price on Amazon by clicking below.

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Sunex 66175FASJ Folding Floor jack for Subaru Forester

One of the best options in the floor jack for Subaru Forester is the Sunex car jack. It holds 1.75 tons of weight which means 3500 pounds. And as 3,454 is the weight of this SUV, the jack holds it tight in the air.

The unit is featured with a low profile design having a minimum height of 3.5 inches. That means not only can it get under the Subaru Forester that has around 8.7 inches of ground clearance but other vehicles as well, including low-profile cars.

best car jack for Subaru Forester
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Thanks to Sunex, you need not worry about the storage space and extra work. Its floor jack is compact, and the handle folds down into one piece. Remember that this handle cannot be detached from the main body.

On top of that, the jack has four wheels installed for smooth maneuvering. So, you can move it from point A to point B easily if your hands are not spare. Speaking of it, know that the unit is very lightweight, with 40 pounds having aluminum as the primary material and side handle as complimentary.

Compared to other jacks, it is quick and saves you time. It has a dual-piston pump which demands only 5 full pumps to raise it to the maximum height, which is 16.5 inches. This height is fair enough to make regular maintenance under your car.

Startled with the features offered and want to know the price? Check it out through the yellow button below. 

Liftmaster Best Floor Car Jack for Subaru Forester

Here comes the dual-piston floor jack for the Forester. It has a rapid-lift technology that easily lifts SUVs with just a few strokes. The handle is also double the length of the above jack. The lever comes in two parts and you can easily store them by detaching them.

Likewise the Big Red model, this item has the same lifting power, 3 tons. It’s enough to load capacity for your Forester and can lift either the front or rear end at once. The min lift range is more and enough for low-profile vehicles, perfect for the forester. The model has a 3” min-height. And the max-height is 20”, enough space underneath your forester for maintenance.

Car jack for Subaru Forester
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This Liftmaster floor jack is heavier, however. It’s 33 kg (71.6 lb). Besides this heavyweight, it has some great features that help with mobility. You can move this item around your garage with its swivel casters. The 360-degree rear wheels help with maneuverability. And that long handle is an added feature in that regard.

The handle also has foam over the lower part so that it doesn’t damage your Forester while stroking. The rubber padded handle saves your car’s body from any dents. With all the features, the unique feature this item has is the wide saddle. This wide and rubber padded saddle gives a secure grip and better friction on the jack point.

This item will be heavy on your budget since you can get such great benefits from this model. You can check out its ratings and price on Amazon by hitting below.

Torin AT90603BB Best Bottle Car Jack for Subaru Forester

Meet this Torin bottle jack. It has the highest lifting power on the list – 12,000 lb. This bottle jack, besides this capacity, is the cheapest model you can buy for your Forester. It’s also a lighter car jack and weighs just 8.5 lb.

One of the reasons for this jack’s low price is that it’s unstable compared to the floor jacks. It has a way smaller base than the models on the list. It’s a bottle jack, meaning a small saddle and square base.  

Bottle jack for Subaru Forester
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If you want a bottle jack that can lift your forester and has a slower pump system, you can choose this item. Since it’s a bottle jack, you would be thinking if it comes under your forester clearance. It can be easily placeable under a 22 cm ride height. Because this model has a 21 cm min-height. 

Bottle jacks are taller and if you want it for your Subaru, this issue will occur. This jack will give you double its height clearance under your Forester. Because it has a 16” max lift range. Low-profile bottle jacks are available in the market. But they have just a 12” max height, way less for Subaru-like vehicles.

This Torin model is fit for the Forester if you want no other than a bottle jack, a cheap item that does the job. By the way, if you want to see how cheap it is, hit below to see its real price.

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In the above paras, you’ve seen some of the top car jacks for your Subaru Forester. You can pick either one. All of them will meet your Forester’s needs – load capacity and lift range. But when it comes to stable and quality jacks, floor jacks are far better than bottle jacks.

Then in floor jacks, you can choose either a dual-piston that fast lifts the load and a trolley jack with a single-piston pump. If you have a budget and want to spend more but have a better car jack, opt for the double-piston Liftmaster floor jack that has a 20” max-height and a 6,000 capacity.

By clicking below, you’ll see all the ratings and its price on Amazon.

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